Choong Li Sann

Physiotherapist, Polestar Pilates Education Rehabilitation Mentor

    Li Sann specializes in neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation and retraining related to sports injury, post-operation, and chronic pain. Since 2000, she has been treating patients with spinal pain,postural disorder and movement dysfunctions using a mix of strategies including movement re-education, myofascial, organ-related and neural fascial release techniques. She takes a holistic approach to pain management and injury prevention by emphasizing on the connectedness between mind and body as well as a lifestyle change. She also complements this with functional re-education and motor control exercises through Pilates exercises that heighten the patient’s sense of movement and bodily awareness. Her physiotherapy practice has spanned hospitals, private clinics and Pilates studios in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. She is also a certified practitioner and Mentor for Polestar Pilates Education (USA) and is passionate about sharing her deep knowledge and expertise.